Fly paper

A fly ribbon catcher is well-known and has been widely used around the world for over a hundred years. It takes a form of an adhesive tape covered in a non-toxic glue whose primary task is to lure insects. It is primarily intended to catch flying insects in residential buildings and other public utility rooms.


Fly Stick Jumbo
Fly Stick is a highly efficient solution intended to monitor the presence of flies at homes, in stores and public places. The trap takes a form of a tube ended with plastic stoppers on both sides, is covered in a special non-drying glue which catches insects. In order to increase luring efficiency, it is possible to apply a natural lure in the form of a jam, honey or vinegar on the stopper. Thanks to its unique shape, you can position it vertically or horizontally as well as hang it with the use of supplied hook. Fly Stick is one of the most popular consumer products serving to eliminate insects on the American market. Thanks to Euroimpex Polska Sp. z o. o., the product wins many satisfied customers in Europe as well.


Window fly trap

Window fly trap, is a perfect solution intended to monitor flies and other insects at home and in commercial premises. It is an odorless product based on a non-drying glue formula, resistant to sunlight. The trap takes a form of a decorative or transparent sheet which you can place anywhere on the window.


V-TRAP Discreet Window Fly Trap

V-trap – discreet window trap is an innovative and patented by Euroimpex Polska Sp. z o. o. method of monitoring flies and other insects at homes, in offices, restaurants, hotel lobbies, stores. It is highly recommended in any place in which people should not see caught insects. The trap adopts the light reflected from the coating which lures flies. It is composed of a trap stuck to the window and exchangeable inserts covered in a non-drying glue, resistant to UV radiation. A modern structure makes insects in the trap invisible to people. The standard variant of the product is available in four models, but it can be adjusted to customer’s needs.

Food moth trap

User-friendly and effective trap with a sex pheromone serving to monitor the presence of food moth in residential buildings, warehouses and production plants. In order to increase its effectiveness, the trap has been covered in hot-melt glue which remains effective for a long time. The product can be used both by retailers and specialists to detect and monitor pests in industrial and manufacturing facilities.


Clothes moths trap

Patented by Euroimpex Polska, an odorless and user- friendly trap intended to control clothes moths. Thanks to a high-quality sex pheromone lure included in the glue, it proves to be highly effective. A modern design makes the trap aesthetic while insects invisible. The product is intended for wardrobes, dressing rooms and other clothing storage rooms.


Universal insect trap

A universal insects trap effectively monitors walking and crawling insects at homes, in offices and other public utility places. The shape of the product is cuboid and its walls are covered in strong glue. This favorable shape allows using it in hard-to-access places. In order to strengthen luring efficiency, it is possible to apply a natural attractant in the form of a sugar or yeast on the trap.


Cockroach trap

A cockroach trap is a safe method of monitoring insects. It is used both in residential buildings as well as food storage and processing plants. The nondrying glue included in the trap remains effective for a long time until it gets dirty or filled with insects. Another strong point of the trap is attached pill which contains natural attracting substances which lure cockroaches and stop them on the surface of the glue. The product can be used both by retailers and specialists.


Rat and mouse glue

A rat and mouse glue serves to monitor and catch rodents at homes, in warehouses and other utility rooms. An original formula assures effective and long-lasting effect. The product is available in 135g tubes. Due to simple use, you can apply the product on your own.


Glue traps for rats and mice

A rat and mouse glue trap effectively lures in order to monitor the presence of rodents. It is user-friendly and effective, can be used in places in which traditional, chemical or mechanical products and substances are forbidden or not recommended. The trap has been covered in a non-toxic glue enriched with a luring additive. Thanks to this, the trap is super effective.


Slug and snail trap

The snail trap is a simple and effective way of controlling snails in home and vegetable gardens and cultivated areas. The primary advantage of the trap is the fact that it is non-toxic, which makes it safe both to pets and the environment. All you need to do is add a small amount of beer or cider in order to lure snails into the trap. Another important feature is materials of manufacture which are 100% recyclable.


Tree, glue band

A glue tree band is a simple and effective method of monitoring the presence of pests on decorative trees and fruit trees. It is a perfect solution for orchards and allotments. It is made of a special material resistant to weather conditions and letting you adapt it to the shape of the tree trunk. The product is covered in the modern glue which does not dry on hot days and does not lose its properties when air humidity is high. The trap is available in the following sizes: width 14 cm, length 2,5 and 5 m, but the length can be adapted to customer’s needs and requirements.

Fly catching, cattle roll 10m

The fly roll serves to eliminate flies and other insects from such places as barns, stables and other areas related to agriculture and gardening. The product takes a form of a strip wrapped around the roll, covered in a layer of non-drying hot-melt glue. Another advantage is a specially designed graphics which proves to be highly effective in eliminating large number of insects by luring them in to the trap. Depending on needs, the roll may be unrolled entirely or partially, as insects emerge. The standard size is 24 cm x 10 m.


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